July 20, 2021

2023 is coming to a close, and we’re prepping for a busy and prosperous new year. A part of that success is identifying trends in our industry and making a plan for how to address the various needs of our clients. In that research, we’ve spotted two major travel trends that we think need to be a part of your 2019 strategy for growth.

Mobile & Online Booking

Mobile and online booking isn’t a new travel trend, but it’s definitely gained some serious momentum in the last few years. In 2022 31% of bookings and reservations were made on mobile devices, now in 2023 that percentage is up to 49%. The numbers don’t lie, and it’s only going to increase in 2019. People used to use their phones to research events and then move to a computer to book what they’ve researched, but not anymore - that is why it’s essential to your business to have a mobile responsive website. With 82% of reservations being booked on websites these days, don’t miss an opportunity to secure a sale with a slow or clunky online booking software.


Ask yourself, Does my business have a ….

Mobile responsive website

Clear directions for booking online

Fast and easy-to-use website

Women and Safety

More women are traveling these days. Whether they are going solo, with a group of friends, or planning the itinerary for their family; 64% of all bookings are made by women. An important market that should not be ignored, adjusting travel descriptions to appeal to women can increase your sales. As a lot of mothers are making travel decisions, including safety information on your website demonstrates your business is concerned about industry safety standards as much as they are. This simple update can make all the difference between you and your competitor.

For the solo traveler, let them know how your location is concerned about providing a safe environment for them to have an enjoyable experience. Indicate if you’re in a busy area, have convenient parking, and/or have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.  Adjustments to your business that cater to women can convert a browser to a buyer.


Ask yourself, Does my business …

The website state our safety measures clearly

Provide solo travelers with extra security when leaving my business after sundown

Have family-friendly descriptions for our activities

The above are just a few of the many travel trends we expect for 2019, and as we discover more, you can count on us to share them with you! Our “Kat Pro Tips” are here to continue to help your business grow and thrive month over month, year over year.If you’re not part of the Indexic family yet, contact us to schedule a free demo today!Let us show you how our software can help your business run faster and more efficiently.

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