5 Reasons To Use Promo Codes

July 20, 2021

Gone are the days of 'clipping' coupons, but coupons are still very much alive.  They may have shed their old, paper exterior and traded it in for a newer, stealthier electronic model, but the fact is they are still a critical element in any successful sales and marketing strategy!

"77% of shoppers agree that discounts can influence where they shop".  That means coupons and promo codes are your ticket to increased sales.

Here are Indexic's top 5 reasons for advising you to keep using promo codes:

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Package the services and products that compliment each other and offer a discount for purchasing a combo.  This kind of campaign enables you to cross-sell and up-sell with coupons.  Your customer save money but ultimately spend more money with you.

Drive Traffic

With the click of a button, your customers can be shopping your experience without any consideration for anyone else simply because they want to save money.  Promo codes help drive business to your site and to your typically slow-moving products and services.  And... more often than not, shoppers start the buying process with a promotional product but end up buying a regular priced item that suits them better.

Build Brand & Customer Loyalty

Customers shop with you to save money.  Offer them a repeat discount to keep them coming back and then offer them a referral discount.  This brings you new shoppers that you can loop into the repeat-referral cycle.  Make sure you require a name and email during your checkout process to make this strategy effective.

Happy Shoppers

Promo codes are so common that online shoppers almost expect them.  Studies even show that "getting a coupon... is shown to be more enjoyable than getting a gift".  Some shoppers really do go out of their way to get the best deal, and this is an easy way to shine brighter than your competitors.

Indexic Coupons Are Powerful & Easy To Use

The aReservation booking software has a powerful coupon feature that allows you to combine products, events, or even rentals into packaged deals.  You can restrict the coupons by date, time, price, age, items in the cart, etc... The automated follow up email and internal text features give you easy and efficient ways to reach your customers with their special offer.  They'll love the savings and with or without realizing it, they will love you!

The logic is simple to a shopper... why pay full price when you don't have to.  Leverage this to your advantage and motivate your shoppers positively.  Here are some tips on how to boost your sales through discounts.

If you are interested in the Indexic's powerful coupons, and any other features you might want to learn about.

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