Attract More Millennial Travelers with Online Booking Software

July 20, 2021

While Millennials have certainly garnered a reputation for being tech-savvy and obsessed with social media, they’re also big on travel. In fact, recent studies show that Millennials travel more than any other generation, accounting for 20% of all international travelers.

Many Millennials even value travel over saving and spending on nearly anything else. One study by Airbnb found they’re more interested in spending their money on experiences rather than saving for big purchases such as a home; another revealed 78% of Millennials say they would choose to spend money on an experience rather than something materialistic.

This presents a huge opportunity for your business! If you are able to connect with Millennial travelers and give them the experiences they’re craving, you’ll see increased bookings and revenue. But how? Since they’re always online, one key way to attract more Millennial travelers is to use online booking software. Here are a few reasons why this tool is so valuable!

Deliver on Convenience Demands

Millennials have come to expect immediate gratification. With Amazon Prime shipping speeds and the ability to order everything from groceries to movie tickets online, convenience has quickly become the key to customer satisfaction. Booking a jet ski rental or hiking tour is no different — Millennials desire the same simplicity and convenience that they would expect when purchasing any other product or service.

Meeting these demands may seem overwhelming at first, but with a digital booking software, it becomes simple. INDEXIC’s online scheduling software will allow your Millennial consumers to book tours immediately from any location. They won’t have to pick up the phone and wait for a tour guide to be available to manually make a reservation—they can do it from the mobile devices they’re already using. Plus, if you have to cancel an event for any reason, you can send them a one-time rescheduling link that allows them to reschedule their own reservation online. This convenience and flexibility can attract more Millennials to your company by setting you apart from competitors who still rely on only over-the-phone or in-person booking.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

For Millennial travelers, the smartphone is at the center of vacation planning. This generation goes mobile to do everything from researching popular tourist spots, creating itineraries, booking accommodations, and sharing their travel experiences on social media. In fact, 66% of Millennials book their trips via smartphone. With all this practice, Millennials are pros at quickly finding the exact information they’re looking for online.

This means you need to optimize your tour booking website for mobile use. If your website is slow or difficult to navigate, your Millennial customers won’t be willing to wait. Instead, they’ll simply exit out of your page and go elsewhere. However, by taking a few simple steps to optimize your site for mobile (such as ensuring your online scheduling software is clearly marked and accessible), you can keep Millennials on your site and booking tours with you — not the competition. INDEXIC's online booking software performs as well (if not better) on mobile than on computer as your booking site will never be redirected onto a different page. Your customers will breeze through the reservation process and love you for the hassle-free shopping experience.

Have the Power to Personalize Communications

One of the keys to marketing to Millennials is being able to give them a personalized experience tailored to their unique needs— and your online booking software is no different. If brand communication is seen as “human,” Millennial customers are 1.6 times more likely to make a purchase from that brand and 1.8 times more likely to recommend it to their social circles. This means your communication with the customers that are using your booking software, especially ones from younger generations, needs to have a personal touch to be effective.

But how can you accomplish this and communicate with each customer in a humanistic way without spending countless hours of your valuable time? Automated booking communication can be your solution! With INDEXIC’s online reservation software, you’ll be empowered to send automated texts and emails that isn’t lacking in personalization. Address customers by name, send confirmations and reminders, and follow up on bookings— all without having to dedicate extra time and resources to doing it all manually.

Make it Simple to Stay Active on Vacation

Millennials place a large emphasis on staying fit, so it’s no surprise they enjoy active vacations, too. Vacations where you lay by the pool all day and never have to leave the resort are no longer as popular with younger generations. Instead, Millennials seek more active and authentic experiences that help them feel immersed in a new culture rather than just being a spectator.

For this reason, activities such as snorkeling and hiking are often part of a Millennial’s to-do list when traveling to new places. This type of active exploring makes it possible for them to actually interact with a landscape rather than just seeing it through popular tourist sites.  INDEXIC’s online booking software makes it simple for Millennial travelers to book a multitude of tours and rentals so they can stay active on vacation—without having to stay on hold on the phone! The booking software has a sophisticated coupon tool that even allows you to offer combination coupons down to the ticket type and hour of day. That way, your customers can get the most out of their budget while also making the most of their time.

At INDEXIC, we’re ready to help you capitalize on the Millennial travel bag. With 55% of Millennials claiming they’re spending more on events and live experiences than ever before, now is a better time than any to optimize your business to attract this new generation of travelers.

The right online booking software can be your key to connecting with Millennials where they actually are: online. Our unique online reservation software will enable your customers to book the tours, rentals, activities, and experiences they’re looking for—ultimately increasing your bottom line while lowering expenses and improving efficiency.

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