How To Increase Direct Bookings

July 20, 2021

Proven ways to improve tour and rental online sales.

With the tourism season ramping up, we at Indexic wanted to share some tips on how to get more direct bookings for your tour company. Direct bookings come straight from your website so there are no third parties involved; therefore, no fees or commission expenses for you to pay. Plus, direct bookings help with your google rankings and SEO while third-party bookings have a negative impact on your website stats. Learn more about mastering direct bookings and the benefits of online reservation systems for booking.

Tips on How To Get More Direct Bookings

  Understand your target market  

Know the demographics of your target market during the season.  It changes depending upon what time of year it is.  Aim your marketing at the groups traveling at a particular time and zero in on what attracts them to ensure you get the most people visiting your website.

   Priced competitively

Make sure the best deals for your business are on YOUR website! Tell your customers that the best deal is directly through you. Increase your revenue by providing discounts for booking directly to help incentivize people to book from your website.  

   Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Almost half of all bookings are made on mobile devices and if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, potential customers will be more likely to choose a website that is.

   Try reaching your audience through paid search

Operators with at least 10,000 guests in 2019 relied heavily on paid search to boost their direct bookings. Although organic searches are beneficial, paid searches can add significant value to your business and increase revenue.  A good place to start is Google Ads and social media like  Facebook Ads.

Of course in addition to these, always provide great customer service! You and your crew are the face of your business and can make or break a customer's. Make sure you give your customers such great service that they just can’t stop recommending you!

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