How To Simplify Flexible Ticket Times

July 20, 2021

Open Your Mind to Open Tickets

We are all about keeping the “amusement” in the amusement park! Our job is to make yours easier (and more fun), so we are thrilled to share some information with you about our smart ticketing technology that simplifies ticketing and time frames for your business! So, strap in and let’s get the ride started!

There’s no need to get dizzy because of complicated ticketing schedules … we hope you save the dizzy spells for the repeated rollercoaster rides! As tour operators ourselves, we know that minimizing the stress of day-to-day tasks can maximize the smiles that we show to our customers.

For tour operators or amusement parks that sell general admission tickets or tickets for a specific day but not a specific time, you have come to the right place. Indexic’s online booking software caters to all ticket types. We have created an open ticket type that is extremely helpful for events that do not have specific number limitations like splash parks or theme parks. The beauty of this is that all you need is the max capacity of your event, tour, or ride. The online ticketing software gives the customer the freewill to choose what time they are going to arrive.

Giving your customers the choice of their event time puts a smile on their face. However, you might end up with that unplanned dizzy feeling if you have a large influx of people. Indexic’s online booking software has your back. You have the freedom to sell tickets for specific time frames at different prices to help you prepare for your customer count. Lower priced tickets can help drive customers to slow times and take advantage of the more popular times with slightly higher prices. Customers can still pick a time within reason and your ticketing software does the work for you. See, everyone is happy!

This last little tidbit is for all of you who have visited Disney in the past 10 years. If you have, you know of a little thing called “fast-pass.” And in Disney, fast-pass is king. Indexic’s open-ticket is a way of creating your own “fast-pass”. When your customers arrive after purchasing their tickets online (because they don’t take fun lightly), they bypass the “regular” line (who wants to be regular anyway?).

At Indexic, our online booking software can help your business grow. We have created the open ticket for customers like you! We are experts in the industry and believe us, we have all the knowledge we do because we have been in your shoes. All we ever want for our customers is the opportunity to grow and enhance customer satisfaction. Let us take your stress away, schedule a live demo today!

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