Improve Your Online Sales by Encrypting Your Website

July 20, 2021
A few years ago, Google started making the internet more secure and started emphasizing the need for websites to be encrypted by switching from HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)  to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).  An encrypted website displays a closed lock symbol followed by the website’s URL in the browser. This closed lock is proof that your website has a valid Digital Certificate and can be trusted.It should not be a surprise that Google favors websites that are encrypted, having an advantage in rankings over nonsecure websites.  Unsecure sites are de-prioritized by search engines.  There are other reasons why a website needs to be encrypted. Some web browsers and virus protection software are now labeling a website that is not encrypted as “unsecure” when that site is accessed. This “unsecure” label can negatively impact your online sales for your activities.  Consumers worry about their personal information getting stolen and used for fraudulent purposes. Eliminate this worry by purchasing a Digital Certificate or ensuring that your digital certificate is up to date and your site properly encrypted.
The impact on your website of being labeled unsecure is real.  A recent study reported that 46% of users said they wouldn’t enter their name or credit card information on an unsecure site, and 64% said they’d leave the website instantly.  Indexic's online purchase flow for online ticketing is encrypted, and there are no concerns with processing credit cards safely and securely from your website. However, consumers need to trust your website in order to actually start the purchase process. To gain this trust, we highly recommend that all tour, activity, and rental companies have an encrypted website.  Digital Certificates are easy to obtain, we recommend contacting whoever is hosting your website and having them secure one on your behalf.  This is the easiest way of accomplishing this goal. The cost to buy an encrypted certificate is minimal and, in some cases, can be free.  If you have any questions or want to learn more email Mark at markn@indexic.net

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