Invest in Solo Travelers

July 20, 2021

Tour operators Solo Travelers is a growing business segment, are you prepared to meet their needs?

We want to share an exciting opportunity to target new customers within travel marketing - solo travelers. Solo travel is on track for a major increase this year, with one in four travelers planning to venture alone in the next six months. Google searches for solo travel increased by 131% from 2018 to 2021, and there is an opportunity for tour companies to attract this rising sector of travelers.  

Solo Traveler is growing in the Post-Pandemic era

How can you reach solo travelers?

Solo Tour Packages & Promotions

Solo Travelers have special needs, think about offering special discounts/promotions to people traveling alone. Solo travelers can fill in those extra seats left over after various groups have purchased. Offering up these one-off seats at a discount will help fill them.

Many book tours and activities as a way to meet others, market this!

Post photos on your social media channels and leverage tourism marketing by having a section on your website dedicated to solo travelers. Show a friendly and trustworthy staff.  Create a safe environment for the solo traveler.  Emphasize meeting new people in a safe environment while having fun - a sure way of attracting this group.

Solo travelers rely on their phones, make sure your platform is mobile!

Research shows that 62% of solo travelers rely on their cell phones to explore and plan the non-air travel part of their trips. In order to capitalize on this, be sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Why should you try to reach solo travelers?

The Solo Traveler travels for longer periods and does more activities

Solo travelers tend to book a full day of activities to keep busy. If you offer more than one tour or activity, try to plan departure times so that a person can spend hours at your facility and not have to leave for their next adventure.  Keeping them engaged at your facility will benefit them and you.

Solo travelers are great marketers!

Most solo travelers share and get their ideas from blogs and solo traveler websites. Positive reviews on these websites are free marketing to thousands of people looking for their next adventure. If you are welcoming and helpful to solo travelers, word will spread and you’ll be at the top of their radars.

Solo Traveler makes up 18% of global bookings

Solo travel is making its mark on the tour and activity industry, and you should capitalize on it through travel marketing. Making some small changes to how you operate can help attract solo travelers and help grow your business.

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