Kat's Pro Tip : Adjust Booking Windows Accordingly

July 20, 2021

It’s important to identify how your customer views the activities you provide. Will it take up a whole day of their vacation like snorkeling or a sailing trip? Or is it a few hours of fun that can be decided last minute? Many people create itineraries months in advance for their trips, and your booking windows should be adjusted for those planners. The more expensive the tour or activity, the more likely they are to book up to three weeks in advance to secure their reservation and plan the rest of their trip around the excursion.

Activities that demand less of a time commitment can be seen as impulse purchases and should be treated as such in your booking software. Make sure your booking windows are open right up to an hour before departure time, so you’re able to capture those last-minute buyers. Walk-ups are welcome too, and with Event Book Manager you will see real-time availability of all your resources and equipment.

Adjust your booking windows accordingly to maximize your potential profits. When your booking software has the flexibility to set multiple booking windows, you are able to capture the most customers based on current buying habits.

Find out how Event Book Manager can help improve your business in 2019, by checking out our article on Daily Operation Pain Points – trust us when we say, we can take the pain away!

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