Stay Informed about the Tourism Industry with These Helpful Resources

July 20, 2021

Tour and Rental Websites that are Useful to companies

It can be a challenge to keep up with all the news and info about the tourism industry. To save you some time in researching, we have gathered some great sources of important information for you all to browse. Staying informed is a very important part of what you can do to overcome hardships. There are so many educational pieces out right now that can help you help yourself during these times.  There is a world of information at your fingertips, and we want to share these resources with you that come from trusted sources in the industry.

Tripadvisor Updates

TripAdvisor’s has its finger on the pulse of how COVID-19 is affecting travel. They lead with the notion that they are equipped to provide valuable and up-to-date information on the virus and its role in tourism.

Link here to TripAdvisor's information page.

Arival - A Community for Tour Operators

Arival is offering many resources and updates for the industry. They offer articles, advice, and even virtual summits that are free to you as tour operators. They have described three phases of business right now and in the near future: lockdown, fade-in, and rebound. With each of these stages being a very real possibility, the steps are broken down realistically with a glimpse into what it will look like to rise back up with the economy. Arival is a great source for you to check out in order to evaluate your options and see what other tour operators are doing to survive.

Read the article and link to Arival here.

PhocusWire - News about the Tourism Industry

PhocusWire, published by Phocuswright,  has implemented a live blog with constant updates about COVID-19 and the impact it is having on the travel industry. This blog includes announcements from major corporations including airlines, hotels, and cruise ships.

Connect with PhocusWire here.

Additional Sources

Keep an eye out for emails from companies you deal with frequently, such as your bank, retailers, airlines, and even corporate companies. They are very frequently offering you advice, tactics, and strategies to do all you can in order to adapt to this “new normal.” Many of these companies are sending out important information for your safety at this time including physical, financial, and mental safety.

It is important for you to remember that all information coming to you is meant to help. Taking the time to educate yourself.  Especially as a business owner, it will is critical to stay tuned in as COVID-19 fades and the country emerges from the shut-down and returns to normal. It is always our priority to make sure you are feeling stable and have all the information you need to help your business.

You are always welcome to contact us for any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!

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