The Best Tour Check-In Process Tips

July 20, 2021

You have customers booking online which is great, this means the staff onsite are not constantly on the phone and have time to focus on providing a first class experience to guests. However, you now notice that when guests arrive their first stop is at the check-in counter to ask what to do.

Is this the most efficient way for things to happen? Maybe not, but don't worry, these tips could help boost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

When setting up your facility, think about how you want the flow to work. What would you need customers to do before they start their activity?

Setup Signature and Safety Stations First

If your customers need to watch a safety video or sign a liability waiver before proceeding to their activity, have those stations be the first thing the customers see. Set up a large sign telling them to complete their waiver or watch a safety video before checking-in. By organizing your process this way, your customer is ready to go when they reach the check-in desk! It can be frustrating for customers to wait in line to check-in only to find out they have to go back and complete their waiver and then queue up again.

Keep Customers In Front of You

Be sure to keep all customer activities in front of you. This is important because you don’t want your customers behind you where you’re unable to assess if they are going through your process properly. By keeping your customers in front of you, you can keep track of everyone and ensure they’ve signed the waiver, watched the safety video, paid for the experience or whatever task that needs to be completed before they reach the check-in counter. Once customers are behind you it is easy to lose track of them and if they’ve completed the necessary steps to proceed to their activity.

Preparation not Perspiration

Prep customers before they even arrive and avoid unnecessary confusion. If the customer has booked online and received a receipt, include the in-person steps they must complete before check-in on the receipt for them.  For example, include a link to your digital waiver on your website or receipt, so they can complete the waiver prior to showing up at your facility.  AWaiver’s online waivers can be signed on any mobile device with an internet connection. The sign at home feature really encourages customers to complete their waivers before arriving at your facility, and any task you can get your customers to complete before arriving to their event makes the check-in process at the facility quicker for you and them thus making the day more enjoyable for everyone.

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