Tips to Ensure Your Boat Rental Trip is Full of Fun and Safety

July 20, 2021

Six Safety Steps when you must follow when renting a boat

Whether you're new to boating or an expert, a powerboat is an excellent option for spending time on the water. Just as you would carefully plan a road trip with your family, ensuring you had a full tank of gas, all your excursions are reserved, and so forth, it is imperative to carefully plan for your boating outing. Here are some good safety tips to follow when renting a power boat:

Before renting a boat, research your local state laws. It is your responsibility, not anyone else's, to learn about proper boat operation, communication, and traffic rules before going out on the water. Make sure you know how your specific boat works before your trip so you can make sure your trip is safe. Every boat has its own operating procedures and methods. You should discuss your rental with your operator before leaving the dock

Always wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket, even if you are an experienced swimmer. It is the single best thing you can do to prevent drowning while boating or swimming. Each passenger should have a properly fitted jacket.  Learn more by watching this boater safety video from RentalBoatSafty.com.

It is important to research and monitor weather and water temperature before your boating day to ensure that weather changes do not interfere with your boating day. Bad weather makes for dangerous boating, always be on the lookout for quickly approaching storms you may not have planned for.

Depending on the state you are renting in. You may be required to complete a safety course  You need to be aware of and comply with the water's regulations. When driving the boat, keep an eye out for any violations as well as possess boating safety knowledge. According to statistics, basic neglect is the leading cause of all accidents. You must adhere to the weight limit of your boat, drive at a safe speed, and keep passengers moving around the boat safely.

It is alarming that as much as 39% of all boating accidents involve alcohol. Making a safe choice for your family and passengers is the best way to avoid an accident. Do not drink and boat!  Watch this safety video from the US Coast Guard for more information on boater safety.  

Each time you go boating you're learning more, but even the most experienced captain needs to stay by the rules in order to keep themselves and their passengers safe.

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