Why you should always respond to your customer reviews

July 20, 2021

Proven tips on how to handle both good and bad customer reviews.

You can’t make everyone happy - Unfortunately. This is a statement we all can agree with. This holds true for your tours, rentals, and events also. No matter how hard you try, there will be customers you just can't satisfy, who will leave you a negative review. The question is, what do you do about those reviews? First, don’t delete them. People aren’t naive when they see that all your reviews are 5 stars, they are going to think you are manipulating the reviews.  Don’t do this. Include your negative reviews.

Second, don’t ignore negative reviews. Use those reviews as an opportunity to explain your safety processes, any rules you need to operate under, or whatever the issue is that the reviewer is complaining about. By addressing any negative review, you are giving future customers a view into how you handle people and your company. They then look at these management responses along with your good reviews and make a decision whether to use your company or not. Below are a few tips on how to address your reviews, both the good and the bad.

Negative Reviews

Always acknowledge the issue and apologize.

When people leave negative reviews, they just want to be heard. Sympathy goes a long way in diffusing a difficult situation and acknowledging that you’re sorry they had a bad time, while not admitting any wrongdoing, can often lead to the commenter deleting their review.

Defend your actions, but do not argue.

Oftentimes when tour and rental operators get negative reviews it’s for following safety protocols that happen to be against customer wishes, but this gives you a great opportunity to explain. Don’t argue with the reviewer or write an extensive defense, but just briefly explain your side of the story and why what you did was in everyone’s best interest.

If necessary, move the situation offline.

If a reviewer continues to slander you online after you’ve tried to reconcile through yelp or google reviews, offer to make the situation a one on one. This shows your company takes customer service seriously and de-escalates the situation in private.

Positive Reviews

Personalize your response.

Be sure to use the reviewer's name in your response, and always invite them back to your business. This makes them feel remembered and makes them more likely to become a loyal customer.

Always thank the reviewer.

The reason many people review businesses is that they want to be acknowledged. Be sure to thank your customer for the positive review and for visiting you. This will build a relationship with them and show you have high-level customer service

Use your keywords in positive reviews.

Responding to reviews has a significant impact on search engine optimization. Including the name of your company, your location, and your services offer you a simple way to boost website traffic. Using your keywords also makes your response seem more personal.

Responding to reviews, both negative and positive, is an important part of keeping relationships with customers and maintaining a high level of customer service. Being direct, understanding, and positive in all aspects of your responses ensures that your reviews will be answered in the best way possible, ensuring your past customers become repeat customers.

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