Indexic Tour and Rental Software Frequently Asked Questions

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What credit card system do you use and what is your credit card processing rate?
We use Stripe to process credit cards. The fee is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.
What kind of reports do you have?
We offer a comprehensive range of reports spanning financial, marketing, and customer analytics.
Do you have a card reader or Point of Sale system?
Yes, we use WisePOS that integrates with our system. The card reader can take swipe, chip or tap.
Do you integrate with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel?
Our integration document explains all the steps needed to correctly add the links to your website and to utilize analytics tracking with aReservaton.
Can I create coupons or discount codes?
Yes, you can create customized discount codes and track them with our reporting
Is it easy to adjust pricing based on demand?
Yes, you can adjust pricing according to market demand and event timing to optimize sales and profits.
How do you bill for my signed waivers?
We bill monthly for waivers signed in the past 30 days. We will automatically charge the credit card you entered into the billing section of your account and send you a notification of the charged amount.
Do you offer a way to schedule tours based on sunrise/sunset or tides?
Our tidal and sunset smart scheduling feature allows you to set tour times based upon tides, sunset and sunrise predictions for your location
Do you have a system to keep track of my equipment?
Absolutely. Our comprehensive equipment management feature provides a visual way to track equipment assigned to tours and rentals, its users, and when it will return.
Is it easy to cancel and reschedule tours and events?
Our Auto Cancellation feature notifies everyone on a reservation list through email, text, or an automated phone call, informing them of your cancellation while providing a link to easily rebook their tour or activity.
Do you have a way to schedule personnel?
Absolutely. With our personnel module, you can easily schedule personnel for activities. It sends out work reminders via email and provides assigned individuals with work calendars for upcoming events.
Do you provide any features that simplify communication with customers?
We provide two-way texting capabilities, allowing direct communication with customers while documenting all interactions for your records.
What is your Boost Program?
We provide the option for hotels, travel agencies, tourism bureaus, and other industry partners to sell tickets on your behalf.
Can I send automated messages?
Yes, you have the option to send automated text messages either before or after a tour or event, along with follow-up emails.
Can my customers book more than one activity at a time? 
Certainly! Your customers can book multiple activities in a single transaction, leading to increased sales for your business.
Is there a way to offer tips and add-on items during checkout?
Of course. You can offer the option to add tips or purchase merchandise during the checkout process for one easy transaction.
Do you connect with any online travel agents or wholesalers?
Our reservation software seamlessly integrates with top travel platforms such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, Viator, Google, Groupon, and GetYourGuide, broadening your exposure to a larger pool of potential customers. This robust integration boosts bookings and enhances sales, all within one convenient platform.
How does your waiver process work with online bookings?
Our digital waiver system, aWaiver, fully integrates with our online booking platform, aReservation. This means your customers can conveniently sign waivers electronically as part of the booking process. Additionally, our integrated system enables you to easily track completed and outstanding waivers, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for everyone.
Do you offer renters insurance?
Absolutely, we've partnered with insurance underwriters who can provide renters insurance for boat, jet ski, golf cart, and powersport rentals at zero cost to you.


How much does it cost?
There are no upfront expenses, monthly charges, or subscription fees for our basic service. Instead, we apply a nominal convenience fee that your customers cover when booking online through your website.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No, you do not have to sign a contract.

Customer Service

Do you offer training and support?
Yes, your dedicated customer service rep  will guide you through the onboarding and training process your you and your employees.
If I get new staff will you train them?
Yes, as and when you get new hires we will be able to arrange for online trainings for them also.
How do I get customer support?
You are welcome to reach out to you designated Customer Support rep at any time, but anybody in this department can assist you. Our Customer Support team can help you with any questions you have about using the system, new events, changes to existing events, selling on OTA platforms, or training of staff.

Other departments you can reach out to for relevant information include:  

Sales – If you wish to learn more about our other products
Finance – If you have any questions about reports or your deposits

How do I get my employees access?
You invite them to have a user account, this is a quick process of deciding their access level and then emailing them the invite.
Do I have to contact you to make changes to my events?
No, you have full access to your account, you can make any edit at any time. However, we are more than happy to do the heavy lifting for you if you prefer to send edits to us.
I have existing reservations, what happens with those?
We can add those into our system for you, obviously we will not be able to access any secure credit card information but we will make sure that all existing reservations are input into our system with all the contact and reservation details.