What's it Cost?

What if I told you that you don’t have any out-of-pocket costs? No monthly subscription fees or setup fees for our basic software… we simply add a small convenience fee to your ticket price that your customers pay when they book online. We only make money when you make money - fair, right?

How Do I Get Setup?

To make things even better, we do ALL the setup for you! You supply us with the information we need, and we get it all transferred over to our software.  We train you and your crew on the system and you get really awesome software that streamlines operations, makes you more money, and best of all, makes it easier for your customers to book reservations!

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Katie Orr
Orr's Farm Market

“I’m so happy to have found Indexic to help me manage my company’s events. From season to season, I can always depend on them to help me update and launch repeat events and new events. It’s been very dependable and affordable. I would definitely recommend Indexic to other agritourism professionals.”

LBI Carts

Heather Beattie
Co-Owner, LBI Carts

“One of the best business decisions we made was to change to Indexic. I wish we had done it sooner. Startup was easy and our learning curve was not too difficult. The support team is what makes Indexic invaluable to us. They answer my help calls when I need it! They are patient and very knowledgeable about their product. I highly recommend!”

Short Money Jetski

Robin Sobanski
Manager, Short Money Jet Ski Rentals

“Our company has been using this reservation software for just over a year and let me tell you I love it. It has made our jobs so much easier and the stress of answering call after call is gone, with this software clients can easily make their reservations online and see what is available to them. I can’t say enough about the support team they are awesome. No matter when I have a question they are right there to help. If you’re looking for a GREAT company to work with LOOK NO FURTHER you found them!”

texas camp testimonial

Nathan Stevens
Owner, Texas Camp Company

“I wanted to share how impressed I am with every aspect of Indexic. I’m incredibly happy with the functionality of the software and can’t wait to put it to the test. Mark and Samantha have been outstanding to work with. Both are incredibly helpful and easy to talk to. Indexic was one of the first companies I researched, and over the course of 2 months or so, my gut kept telling me that Indexic was the direction to go. I’m glad I decided to listen to it and believe that’ll be the case for years to come. Thank you for developing such a great company. I’m looking forward to a great partnership with Indexic!”


Howie Weil
Owner, Adventure Harbor Tours

“Been using Indexic for years, easy to navigate and the tech help is stellar (although we don’t need it much, because it’s simple) We get paid on time every week and it’s all done for you behind the scenes. A few hours is all it takes and you’ll be a pro.”

Coastal tide excursion

Cameron Ako
Owner, Coastal Tide Excursions

As a business owner, my time is valuable and better spent with guests than in front of a computer. Indexic offers a very simple and user-friendly interface. Not to mention their support team is second to none. The software alleviates a lot of time-consuming tasks allowing myself and staff to spend our time on tasks that help build my business.


Fawn B.
Owner, Sunny Island Adventures

“You have allowed us to automate and improve our company.  I am always impressed with the high standards of service your team delivers.  Thank you”

Central marine

Brent Krizo
Owner, Central Maine Surf Company

“The team at Indexic is top-notch. From my first interactions with Mark to getting the initial training with my account rep Sarah and the on-the-fly assistance when I run into a question has been great. Mark provided some great insights and suggestions to help my business increase my bookings which have been invaluable to a new small business. I highly recommend Indexic to anyone who is looking for a booking platform for their business. I look forward to many years of mutual success.”


Lindsey Brenenstuhl
Manager, Parasail Nation

“If you’re not using Indexic, you’re making a big mistake. I truly cannot say enough great things about them. They have the best reservation system on the market – super simple to use and their support team is top-notch, when and if you ever need them. They put their customers first and are always. It’s nice to be able to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable human when we have a question. I highly recommend Indexic if you’re looking to better your booking system and make your life a thousand times.”


Michael Byars
Owner of Fly Key Largo, Florida

“People seem to be really like aWaiver and my staff think it is great vs. [the competitor’s software].”

wow jetski

William Sue-A-Quan
Owner, WOW Surf and Watersports

“I give them a 10 star!”

tidal wave

Michael Fiem
Owner, Tidal Wave Watersports

“I can’t say enough about this software. This company focuses on the “guts” of what is needed. This software is by far the most intuitive software out there. The resource module allows you to schedule equipment across multiple activities and will never allow you to overbook. They are familiar with what I know and what I need to know. I consider them a business partner.”

jetskii island

Captain Phillip Kempton
Owner, Jekyll Island Boat Tours

“I have been using different ticketing software for many years and Indexic has worked wonderfully for me. The system does not go down, help is always available, and it is easy to operate.  Bottom line it does everything that I need for my business.”

fun bros

Sally F.
Manager, Fun Brothers Land & Sea Equipment Rentals

“Fun Brothers in has done three times the volume last month than the previous year all due to on-boarding with Indexic. We’ve purchased new Golf Carts in expectation of future rentals. Thank you for all the hard work!”


Mark Thorn
President, Lightning Bugz Rentals

“My business is complicated because I have multiple locations and multiple types of resources and rates. Having all this in one platform has allowed me to spend more time focusing on other parts of my business and saved me from hiring a full-time reservationist. Whenever I have a question, the response time has been exceptional! Without Indexic, I would not have been able to grow to where I am today.”

belezie parasail

- MaryAnn Bartlett
Owner, Belize Parasail

“aReservation meets all our needs and is easy to use. My favorite function is aWaiver–we can have guests sign waivers in advance, on iPads in the office, or even on our company phones on the boats. All in all, this is a solid company with great people who started as tour operators and understand our challenges and are always working to ensure they meet our needs.”


- Katie Redford
Co-Owner, Chesapean Outdoors

“I just want to personally thank you all for everything you have done to help Chesapean Outdoors. It was the best business decision we have made. I really appreciate all of your help and just want to make sure you know that! Sam was excellent today.”


Leah G.
Manager, Fun PCB

“My overall experience is great! I am very glad that we switched from our old software to Indexic. I love how responsive everyone who works at Indexic is. I like they are constantly making improvements! It is integrative and help is only a phone call or text away if there is an issue I need help with.  I look forward to partnering with them in the future. “

third coast

- Jesse Riddle
Captain, Third Coast Parasail

“Check out Indexic software company, they take wonderful care of me and my business. If you’re not using indexic give them a call and see what they have to offer, you will not be disappointed.”


General Manager, H2O Adventures

“I was very uneasy in the beginning but the Customer Service Team became what I felt like was my personal assistant.  Each time I called they told me that they were only a call away and not to ever worry about calling and asking questions.  Having that type of support made the whole process enjoyable.”


Rebecca Cain
Co-owner, Cave Creek Trail Rides

“I tried other booking software companies before selecting Indexic, but unfortunately, it just did not work out. I checked out others that were using Indexic and liked the way the booking flow looked. In our setup, one of the things that impressed me was Sam’s knowledge of our industry. Sam made the set-up easy and had us set up in less than 48 hours – Sam is Great. One of the things I like about Indexic is that I talk to the same person every time. I find the software to be very intuitive and easy to use. I would recommend Indexic to other companies considering thinking about making a change.”


How much does it cost?
There are no upfront expenses, monthly charges, or subscription fees for our basic service. Instead, we apply a nominal convenience fee that your customers cover when booking online through your website.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No, you do not have to sign a contract.


What credit card system do you use and what is your credit card processing rate?
We use Stripe to process credit cards. The fee is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.
What kind of reports do you have?
We offer a comprehensive range of reports spanning financial, marketing, and customer analytics.
Do you have a card reader or Point of Sale system?
Yes, we use WisePOS that integrates with our system. The card reader can take swipe, chip or tap.
Do you integrate with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel?
Our integration document explains all the steps needed to correctly add the links to your website and to utilize analytics tracking with aReservaton.
Can I create coupons or discount codes?
Yes, you can create customized discount codes and track them with our reporting
Is it easy to adjust pricing based on demand?
Yes, you can adjust pricing according to market demand and event timing to optimize sales and profits.
How do you bill for my signed waivers?
We bill monthly for waivers signed in the past 30 days. We will automatically charge the credit card you entered into the billing section of your account and send you a notification of the charged amount.
Do you offer a way to schedule tours based on sunrise/sunset or tides?
Our tidal and sunset smart scheduling feature allows you to set tour times based upon tides, sunset and sunrise predictions for your location
Do you have a system to keep track of my equipment?
Absolutely. Our comprehensive equipment management feature provides a visual way to track equipment assigned to tours and rentals, its users, and when it will return.
Is it easy to cancel and reschedule tours and events?
Our Auto Cancellation feature notifies everyone on a reservation list through email, text, or an automated phone call, informing them of your cancellation while providing a link to easily rebook their tour or activity.
Do you have a way to schedule personnel?
Absolutely. With our personnel module, you can easily schedule personnel for activities. It sends out work reminders via email and provides assigned individuals with work calendars for upcoming events.
Do you provide any features that simplify communication with customers?
We provide two-way texting capabilities, allowing direct communication with customers while documenting all interactions for your records.
What is your Boost Program?
We provide the option for hotels, travel agencies, tourism bureaus, and other industry partners to sell tickets on your behalf.
Can I send automated messages?
Yes, you have the option to send automated text messages either before or after a tour or event, along with follow-up emails.
Can my customers book more than one activity at a time? 
Certainly! Your customers can book multiple activities in a single transaction, leading to increased sales for your business.
Is there a way to offer tips and add-on items during checkout?
Of course. You can offer the option to add tips or purchase merchandise during the checkout process for one easy transaction.
Do you connect with any online travel agents or wholesalers?
Our reservation software seamlessly integrates with top travel platforms such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, Viator, Google, Groupon, and GetYourGuide, broadening your exposure to a larger pool of potential customers. This robust integration boosts bookings and enhances sales, all within one convenient platform.
Do you offer waivers?
Yes! Our waiver software, aWaiver, seamlessly integrates with our booking software, aReservation, enabling you to track completed waivers and outstanding ones effortlessly.
Do you offer renters insurance?
Absolutely, we've partnered with insurance underwriters who can provide renters insurance for boat, jet ski, golf cart, and powersport rentals at zero cost to you.