The Activity Booking Software You Need to Get More Done

Indexic's activity booking software makes managing your tours an activities quick and easy so you can focus on your business. Deliver exceptional experiences that boost growth with Indexic’s online activity booking software.

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Keep your customers informed with Indexic Activity Management Software

  • Improve your no-show rate. Text reminders are automatically sent to each customer before each tour or activity start time
  • Two-Way Texting facilitates communications with your customers. Text logs are saved with the customers’ reservations documenting all interactions
  • Save time using our Auto Cancellation feature to contact everyone on a reservation list via email, text, and phone simultaneously informing them of your cancellation
  • Save time by allowing customers to easily reschedule their cancelled tour or activity with Indexic’s Rescheduling feature
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More Advanced Features Than Any Other Activity Reservation Software

Advanced Equipment Resource Module

Advanced Equipment Resource Module

Our algorithm ensures you accurately capture bookings and can view your activities on one screen
Auto-Cancellation & Rescheduling

Auto-Cancellation & Rescheduling

Contact everyone on the reservation list about a cancellation and reschedule for a future trip
Booking Optimization Technology

Easy Checkout

Allow customers to book multiple activities in one transaction resulting in higher sales for you
2- Way Texting, Email & Text Reminders

2- Way Texting, Email and Text Reminders

Communicate directly with customers and document all interactions
Integrated Waivers

Integrated Waivers

Use our electronic waiver signing software to capture person’s identity and signature on desktop, mobile, or tablet seamlessly
Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

The ability to change pricing based on demand in your market by event time, and/or day of the week securing more sales and optimizing profits
Tidal & Sunset Smart-Scheduling

Tidal and Sunset Smart-Scheduling

Easily set activities and tour times based upon tides, sunset and sunrise predictions
Smart & Comprehensive Reporting

Smart and Comprehensive Reporting

Analyze data with real-time and customized reports about your resources, revenue, and reservations
Personnel Module

Personnel Module

Schedule required personnel to activities, email work reminders and provide work calendars to those assigned to work an event

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Terminal accepts EMV chip, tap to pay and swipe payments
Rental Image Capture

Image Capture

Protect your business by taking photos of IDs and rental equipment
Early-Return Auto Monitoring

Early-Return Auto Monitoring

Place your equipment that returns early back into inventory instantly so you can maximize your revenue
Abandoned Booking Recovery

Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery

Remarketing email that engages customers who stopped the booking process before completion
Add a Surcharge

Add a Surcharge

Ability to recover additional business expenses
Move a Booking Between Different Events

Move a Booking Between Different Events

Easy to move a booking from one event to another
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Grow Your Tour and Activity Sales Potential

aReservation seamlessly connects you to leading travel platforms like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Viator, Google, Groupon, and GetYourGuide expanding your reach to a wider audience of potential customers. This powerful integration drives more bookings and grows your sales potential, all through a single platform.
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The Customer Support you Deserve from the Activity Booking Software you can Trust

Our expert team members have prior industry experience offering superior customer service every time you reach out. You are not just a client; you are a part of the Indexic family.

  • Based in the US
  • Industry Experience
  • Dedicated support specialists

aReservation is integrated with its sister software, aWaiver.

aWaiver is a worry-free electronic waiver signing platform.
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But how much does it cost?

What if I told you that you don’t have any out-of-pocket costs? No monthly subscription fees or setup fees for our basic software… we simply add a small convenience fee to your ticket price that your customers pay when they book online. We only make money when you make money - fair, right?

To make things even better, we do ALL the setup for you! You supply us with the information we need, and we get it all transferred over to our software.  We train you and your crew on the system and you get really awesome software that streamlines operations, makes you more money, and best of all, makes it easier for your customers to book reservations!

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